Water Industry

The water industry has applications for both fixed and portable gas detectors.  The portables are generally used in confined spaces.  The fixed systems around plant and offices.

The gases they want to measure vary depending on which part of the business they are in.  Dirty water applications deal with the treatment of sewage and need to monitor for CH4, O2, and H2S.  Clean water applications are concerned with the supply of drinking water and they are usually interested in monitoring Cl2, O3, SO2 and NH3.

The most applications are found in the dirty water side.  Fixed systems are required in sewage treatment works, pumping stations, press houses, boiler houses, and virtually anywhere where the sewage is being treated.

In the clean water side this largest requirement is for monitoring storage areas.  These are usually for storage of large drums of the disinfectant chemicals.  Increasingly chlorine and ozone is generated as needed, but monitoring is still needed at the point of use.  Ammonia and sulphur dioxide are added to remove the disinfectant chemicals.