Chemical Industry

The chemical industry has a large need for gas detection and is a key target for our products.  The safety manager will generally have some responsibility for a fleet of portable gas detectors.  These will be used for confined space work applications and in the production of hot work permits (a hot work permit is a document that confirms that an area in which a job requiring use of a hot tool is free from flammable gases.  These are usually hazardous areas.  The system will often follow a procedure where the person doing the work will need to get a senior individual, perhaps the safety manager, or Industrial hygienist to test the area and sign a document to say it is safe to work there).

The Chemical industry will also have applications for all the fixed system types we offer.  The use of solvents in the chemical industry is widespread and so it is often flammable gas measurement we are involved in.  This can be infrared based but pellistors are still widely used in this industry.  PID May also be used for VOC detection.

Many areas will be ATEX rated zones 0,1 or 2 and this will mean that intrinsically safe or explosion proof devices are needed. 

Typical gases measured here are combustible gases, oxygen, and some toxic gases, such as hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, sulphur dioxide etc.