Oil and Gas Production

The production of Oil and gas is full of applications.  All platforms, refineries and processing facilities will have flammable gases and vapours present.  These mean that hot work permits are required for most jobs on site and these will be issued using a multi gas portable.  If the gas is “sour” then there will also be significant risk of hydrogen sulphide leaking.  Operators will need portable monitors and most plants will need fixed systems of one sort or another.  This industry tends to prefer infra red for flammable gas monitoring in fixed systems.

The SI-100IM is also popular for smaller applications such as accommodation blocks offshore, cranes and analyser houses.  These sorts of buildings are sited in the hazardous areas and are self contained with their own small gas system.  Analyser houses are used in refineries and processing plants.  They provide “on-line” analysis of the product, using mass spectrometry and other analytical tools.  The analysers use hydrogen and of course the plant itself can lead to other flammable gases, hydrogen sulphide and oxygen deficiency.  SI-100R could also be of interest here.

Process engineers, safety managers, operations and operations support are all important here, as are fire stations and other on site emergency services.