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At SENKO Europe we choose to work with you, our partners to build our sales network, we do not sell directly to end users. 

This is an important point about who we are, because it defines the way we work and informs our philosophy with regard to the partners we choose to work with and support.

SENKO Europe Partner Portal

We offer all of our partners access to Partner Portal where you can get exclusive updates on our products, marketing campaigns, process your orders and a direct communication with us.



The access to the portal is on invitation basis only. You can request access, report any issues or just provide a feedback on the portal,  by writing to us on 

SENKO Europe philosophy:

Ensuring a quality product and speedy service

Of course, having a good product is important, and the SENKO products are beautifully designed, well manufactured and reasonably priced; High Quality, Low Cost, Gas Detection.


Perhaps more importantly; here at SENKO Europe we hold large stocks of the common products to enable speedy delivery, because we recognise that often the ability to supply product when needed can be the difference between winning and losing an order.  It is not always possible for you to hold stocks of product, especially those with limited shelf lives, so we at SENKO Europe cover this.  If you have a specific requirement, talk to us.

Providing technical support and a no quibble guarantee

Equally important is having the technical support to answer the end users questions.  Here at SENKO Europe we have many years of experience in gas detection, and provide fast answers to technical questions.  That could be details about the product capabilities, or about suitable applications.


Products also fail occasionally, sadly.  Our priority when this happens is ensuring your customer’s experience is as pain free as possible.  SENKO has a very fast, no quibble warranty practice, meaning that in the unlikely event that a product fails it is replaced quickly and easily causing the user the minimum of inconvenience, your customer is always our priority.

Helping you to sell SENKO

As the manufacturer, and principle in the relationship we feel it is our job to make it as easy as possible for you to sell SENKO products and work with us.  This starts with a progressive pricing policy, as our partner you get the best pricing we can provide regardless of the quantity purchased.  This may sound counter intuitive at first, but we realise that we are a relatively new entrant into a very crowded market place, and that many of our distributors are small or medium sized businesses trying to pioneer our products into their local market.  This is precisely the time when as a partner you need a price advantage!  At SENKO we provide that.

Supporting your business

For the same reason, here at SENKO Europe we offer flexible terms to our distribution network.  Cash flow is an issue which can challenge any small business and having some flexibility to manage that is important, but we recognise it can also be difficult to get credit terms when a business is newly trading or is new to a partnership.  This is another point where we provide support to help get your sales started and growing.

Mutual trust

We believe the essence of success is mutual trust between principle and distributor, in which we all work together towards a common goal, in this case, the success of the SENKO product line.  Mutual trust sums up everything above, but more, it means we at SENKO listen, adapt and most of all help you to succeed with the products we manufacture. This helps to present the SENKO product portfolio and supply network in the best possible light to the marketplace as a whole, and helps us to build SENKO as a reputable and reliable brand that customers will want to return to.

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